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Hard test “Mar de Olivos” for Victor Verdú from Vaxtor Team
15 Jun

Hard test “Mar de Olivos” for Victor Verdú from Vaxtor Team

On Friday afternoon, the podium presentation took place with a lot of expectation. All 48 teams enrolled in “Mar de Olivos” of Jaén were presented. A hard rally ground test.

First hour on Saturday morning the prologue with a total of six kilometres was disputed. Then the first super special of this race was disputed. Víctor Verdú began to have problems with the mechanics as they told us: “we thought that we were going home because the clutch was having issues”.

Finally, we could finish the 375 km of this stage despite of having been without brakes the last 200km after the brake caliper broke and losing all the liquid during the race. We had to lower the rhythm to go without brakes and not to punish the clutch more and thus be able to endure until the end, since what we wanted was to reach the goal and to be able to score “. Giving up and in the middle of a field of olive trees they decided to try their luck the next day.

After reaching the finish line, his mechanics at R&K Motor Sport get to work to fix the Toyota Hilux and run the Sunday race of 260 km. They managed to fix the brakes and some more. When everything was ready and they were going to keep the car in the closed park, a stall came out when the bearing that was holding him was broken due to the fatigue accumulated during the stage, thus finishing his competition in this third race.

“Mar de Olivos” is a hard race where the high temperatures are the trigger for the mechanics of the car since in many of the vehicles the brakes finish fused as happened to Victor. In addition, it is a Non-Spot format (it cannot be stopped during the race) and there were cases of dehydration and the tiredness of the pilots was important, causing some abandonment by these physical and mechanical problems. The mechanics of R&K Motor Sport are already repairing the Toyota Hilux that Víctor Verdú pilots, since the next 16 and 17 of June he will disputing the fourth race of the Dehesa Championship of Extremadura, where the V3Sport Team and with the always important help of its sponsor Vaxtor, will return with energy to stay in the best position possible and, of course, continue to enjoy the races.


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