Real-time UIC Code Recognition Software.

VaxOCR UIC is Vaxtor’s OCR software solution for the recognition of the International Union of Railways Wagon and Coach numbers commonly called UIC codes or numbers.

The detection and recognition of rolling stock enables automated solutions to facilitate the tracking of assets, improving health and safety, increasing the monitoring and control. 

Running embedded or on PC-based systems, UIC numbers are read as they pass a capture point.

The OCR Engine for UIC Code recognition is 100% proprietary and takes advantage of the current integration and reporting capabilities offered by VaxALPR series products including Milestone & Genetec VMS and many more.

Features & Benefits

  • Embedded Application:

    Runs on PCs or software enabled on Axis ARTPEC 6/7 chipsets.

  • Reads, Stores and Transmits:

    100,000 codes can be cached on-board the axis camera and transmitted to 3rd party applications.

  • Multiple regions of interest

    User definable ROI’s can be defined for complex scenes.

  • Direction reporting:

    Wagon direction of travel reported enabling multi direction traffic from a single camera.

  • Plugins:

    Options for ISO 6346 Container Code recognition and ADR (dangerous goods).

Results in real time

Camera includes:

  • 100,000 reads cached on-board
  • Multiple regions of interest

Data reported includes:

  • 12 Digit UIC code, date & time, etc
  • Position of code within the original image
  • Sub-image of the code (UIC patch)
  • Direction of travel

Reporting options:

  • Helix/Vaxtor protocol
  • Milestone / Genetec Analytics Events
  • VAPIX / ONVIF protocol
  • XML or JSON object through HTTP/HTTPS POST
  • And many others…

Global leading software enabling

UPTO 0% Accuracy
OVER 0 deployed systems
Over 0% efficiency increased

VaxOCR UIC applications include:

Stock auditing, asset tracking

Traffic & Tolling

Providing vital tools to assist countries and cities to dynamically monitor, control and optimise traffic flow, maximising the efficient use of road networks.

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Automate and optimise all aspects of the logistics chain by tracking and monitoring all vehicles, containers and dangerous goods within and between sites.

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Enabling Security personnel to monitor and control all vehicles within and around a site, managing blacklists and alerting staff to any vehicles of interest.

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