Product Brochures

All Vaxtor product brochures are available below. Technical reference materials including API’s can be found inside the partner area.

Helix Grafana Brochure

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Grafana is an open-source analytics and monitoring solution for databases and allows users to query, visualise and alert on their site metrics. It uses the data stored within Helix to provide tailored reports such as traffic volume or area capacities including maps of where plates have been read if they have associated GPS data.

Helix Section Control and Average Speed Brochure

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HELIX SECTION CONTROL is a separately licensable plugin to the Helix Back Office which can monitor the
speed of vehicles travelling between 2 fixed ALPR camera locations. The feature works with the Vaxtor ALPR
engine running on Windows PCs or with the On-Camera version running on-board the latest Axis or Mobotix cameras.

Helix-6 Brochure

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Vaxtor Helix-6 is a powerful ALPR Back Office for collation and management of multiple Vaxtor On-camera and on-PC ALPR reads, along with their associated meta data and images.

Once stored, users can perform comprehensive searches on historical data and export the results. Helix also manages whitelists, blacklists, alarms and authorisations enabling it to perform as a parking management, a complete security or access control system* or a traffic monitoring system.

USDOT Brochure

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VAX-OCR-USDOT is software for the recognition of US Department of Transport identification marks. Companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the FMCSA and must have a USDOT Number. Also, commercial intrastate hazardous materials carriers who haul types and quantities requiring a safety permit must register for a USDOT Number

VaxALPR On Camera Brochure

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VaxALPR On Camera is the leading OCR software for license plate detection and recognition embedded in Axis cameras with ARTPEC-6 & 7 chipsets and Mobotix M7 cameras. VaxALPR on Camera also extracts additional meta-data including date/time, country, direction, images and reporting to over 20 systems.

Additionally through plugins:-

+ ADR (Dangerous Goods) Plates

+ Speed

+ Vehicle make, model and colour

+ Vehicle Classification

VaxALPR On PC Brochure

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VaxALPR is a license plate recognition application developed by Vaxtor Recognition Technologies for the most demanding scenarios using Vaxtor’s powerful proprietary OCR engine.

The application connects to multiple cameras using standard protocols and the ALPR engine recognizes plates in real time on fast-moving vehicles across several lanes simultaneously. In high speed scenarios plates are read from multiple cameras on vehicles travelling at speeds up to 225 Km/h and in access control deployments up to 128 cameras can be connected simultaneously to an appropriate PC.

VaxOCR Containers Brochure

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VaxOCR Containers is Vaxtor’s OCR software solution forthe automatic detection and recognition of container codes based on the international standard ISO 6346. The OCR Engine for container code recognition is 100% proprietary and the data obtained can be sent to third party applications using the communication interface of VaxALPR.

Vax Redlight Brochure

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VaxALPR Red Light is a system for detecting and recording vehicles which ignore red traffic lights. It provides conclusive evidence for penalties including colored frames of the complete violation sequence and automatic recognition of the license plate.

VaxADR Brochure

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The Vaxtor ALPR Engine runs on PCs or on-board Axis and Mobotix cameras. It reads license plates of passing vehicles and in addition is available to recognise and report ADR (Dangerous Goods) plates.

VaxOCR UIC Brochure

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The VaxOCR UIC On Camera App reads UIC (International Union of Railways) rail wagon/coach numbers on slow or stationary railway rolling stock facilitating the detection and tracking of assets.

VaxOCR TailFin ID Brochure

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VAX-OCR-PLANE is software for the recognition of plane IDs. The ID comprises the country call sign prefix and registration suffix. The OCR Engine for the plane ID recognition codes is 100% proprietary and can be plugged into VaxALPR User Interfaces taking the advantage of current integration and reporting capabilities offered by VaxALPR series products.

Vax On-Mobile Brochure

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Extremely accurate hand-held license plate capture of stationary or moving vehicles from Android Tablets or Smartphones

VaxMMC & VClass Brochure

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VaxMMC runs on PCs or onboard intelligent cameras and recognises the Make, Model
& Color of passing vehicles in real time. Separately available VaxVClass can run
independently of MMC or alongside it, classifying each passing vehicle onto one of
several types.

VaxOCR Genesis Brochure

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High-performance generic OCR reader developed by Vaxtor Technologies to read any combination of uppercase Latin characters and/or numbers arranged in up to three lines.