VaxALPR Acceso

License plate recognition for access control and parking facilities

Automatic real-time license plate recognition system based on video generated by one or more cameras, providing quick and safe access control based on the vehicle license plate.


VaxALPR Acceso can be integrated with numerous access control systems (Dorlet, Xtralis, DESICO, 2000, Secure, etc.) and NVR devices (Heitel, Nice, 3xLogic, etc.). If a system is not supported, Vaxtor Systems can integrate the system at a minimum cost.


VaxALPR also publishes unencrypted results using various methods which makes it easy for third parties to integrate VAXALPR results with a customer’s back-office.

  • 24/7 Operation.
  • Reading rate above 98%.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Environment color camera support.
  • Third party systems integration.
  • Operate with or without triggers.
  • Local or remote administration.
  • Stopped or moving vehicles.
  • Fully scalable solution.

Centralized solution: VaxALPR for PC + Helix-6

Cameras + VaxALPR for PC + Helix-6


The video analytics (ANPR) runs in a centralized PC and results are sent to the management application which can be either a third party solution or our Helix-6 LPR data exploitation tool. A good network infrastructure is required to implement this approach.

Distributed solution: VaxALPR On Camera + Helix-6

Cameras + VaxALPR On Camera + Helix-6


The video analytics (ANPR) runs locally inside the camera and results are sent to the management application which can be either a third party solution or our Helix-6 LPR data exploitation tool.

Helix-6, ANPR results and access control management software

Web based solution to exploit results: queries, hot-lists (white-black), access permissions, etc.

  • Client server architecture, safe and robust management, from one single ANPR point to hundreds of sites.
  • Multi-user and multi-role solution secured with login and password. No limitation of how many users can use the system.
  • Flexible and powerful queries allowing to export results into Excel format for further analysis by third party tools.
  • Customizable lists: management of different types of hot lists or black lists (stolen vehicles, police interest…)
  • Screen to monitor black lists in real time, send automatically alarms by e-mail, SMS, including plate, image and relevant data.
  • Multimedia contents: in case of using environment cameras it’s possible to visualize and download video clips of each vehicle record.
  • Management of zones and cameras allowing grouping different cameras into zones making easier the management of large deployments.
  • Images life time configurable, erase old records automatically after certain amount of time to avoid hard disk space overflow.
  • Flexible integration: All data is stored in a SQL database, open format, making possible to be accessed by third party solutions.

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