VaxALPR On Camera

License plate recognition technology embedded in AXIS camera

VaxALPR On Camera is the result of VaxOCR Engine full porting technology into AXIS camera.
After a complete OCR engine redesign we’ve accomplished the task of embedding the same analytics existent in higher-end processor architectures such as Intel, among others.


Thus, the only existent constraint is defined by the speed of the vehicles, not the scenario complexity. For those scenarios suitable to use VaxALPR On Camera, the accuracy results will be the same.


VaxALPR On Camera is available for all AXIS models housing ARTPEC-4 and ARTPEC-5 chips. The OCR configuration takes place through the standard camera menu accessible from a Web browser.

Brief overview of the product capabilities:

  • Triggered mode: The ANPR attempts to read the plate after receiving a signal or event from the camera input port. This is very useful for parking or scenarios ruled by loops, laser curtains, etc.
  • Free-Flow mode: The ANPR works in continuous mode and does not require any trigger to operate. All plates read are reported in real time.
  • Camera configuration: Despite of being very easy to configure, please read carefully the product user guide to maximize both performance and accuracy; it can be increased significantly with the proper configuration.

Results integration

The license plate results are published in open proprietary format through standard TCP/IP sockets. The proprietary message format is detailed in the user manual, but .NET developers can make usVaxAlprRemotePlateParser.dll class library to easily parse raw data results and access the information through object class members.


Other predefined targets are described in the user manual, such as VAPIX/ONVIF protocol compliant messages, MILESTONE Analytics Events, XML formatted data through POST (HTTP) method, SD memory card or network unit…

AXIS camera type, scenarios and limitations


Suitable for parking environment with stopped vehicles. Depending on the video resolution and the size of the detection polygon defined by the user, the OCR recognition time may take between 0.5 and 3.0 seconds.


As a general rule, any scenario with or without trigger where the vehicle license plate is visible for a few seconds, is valid to be managed by an ARTPEC-4 camera.


Suitable for any ARTPEC-4 environment plus low speed free-flow scenarios up to 50 Km/h.


Depending on the video resolution and the size of the detection polygon defined by the user, the OCR recognition time may take between 0.3 and 1.0 seconds.

Golden Rule to check the user guide

VaxALPR On Camera default configuration shall be enough to start reading plates from any suitable scenario. However, we encourage the user to take some time in mastering the product manual because the proper configuration can represent a very significant improvement in both OCR speed and accuracy.

Display results live in your PC…

VaxALPR On Camera Viewer is a free software utility to monitor the OCR readings from your PC. The way it works is detailed in the user manual as well.

Source code available in the Developers Zone

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