Advanced software for license plate recognition from PC platform

Software for license plate recognition live from one or more video streams.

License Plate Recognition Technology for the most demanding scenarios


Software for license plate recognition live from one or more video streams.

VaxALPR is the responsible of video acquisition, send images to the VaxOCR engine, process OCR results (free-flow logic, triggered, management of multiple readings…) and implement a higher logic layer that improves native processing and results from the OCR engine

Software Components

  • OCR Engine
  • Video acquisition module
  • VaxALPR Scenario Configuration Software/li>
  • VaxALPR Run-Time Software
  • VaxALPR Results Publishing

Input video

VaxALPR does not requires its own camera. It works on third party products widely available in the market. The camera features will depend on the scenario conditions (parking, urban, highways…). Supported manufacturers: Axis, Basler, IDS, Mobotix, Pelco, Bosch, Sony, Messoa, Panasonic, Lumenera, Arecont, Hikvision, Dahua… among others.

Software installation and configuration

Scenario configuration in less than 5 minutes

Visual and interactive software application, user friendly and easy to use to configure both video cameras and license plates recognition scenarios quick and safe.

After saving the configuration, VaxALPR loads the file and runs the OCR according to our settings.

Manage and run multiple ANPR cameras from one single application

  •  Manage up to 16 ANPR cameras from 1 single PC
  •  Environment camera support
  •  Operation in both free-flow or triggered modes
  •  It can read plates from vehicles moving around 300 Km/h
  •  Built-in hotlist with acoustic and visual alerts
  •  Video visualization in real time and automatic camera reconnection capability

Real time results publishing and third party software integration

Open data format and easy third party integration

  • Save results in hard disk or shared unit
  • Send results through TCP/IP sockets
  • Publish to a web service
  • Post to HTTP server
  • Send to Helix-6, our ANPR management solution

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