VaxALPR Plugins

Plugins for speed measurement

VaxALPR iSpeed, instant speed measurement

Calculate the instantaneous vehicle’s speed, using one PC, our software and one video camera. The measurement is taken in 1 checkpoint only


Quick installation and intuitive configuration with a user friendly interface


The calibration procedure can be done in minutes; it requires a vehicle crossing along the checkpoint at constant and known speed while the calibration software records the procedure in video. After that all the internals parameterization is done automatically


The speed calculation accuracy can be high for low-or medium speeds, but the error rate may fluctuate significantly in high speed environments

VaxALPR aSpeed, average speed measurement

Calculate the average speed of a vehicle’s using one PC, our software and two video cameras. The measurement is taken along 2 checkpoints.


VaxALPR Average iSpeed measures the average speed of vehicles between two points


The system operates solely on video analysis so there’s no need for additional equipment


It can cover 1 or 2 lanes simultaneously


High accuracy, easy installation and user friendly configuration screen


VaxALPR iSpeed does not just divide the distance traveled by the time to calculate the speed of the vehicle. It performs an instant speed approximation for each checkpoint to determine the relative distance between the absolute positions where the plate is read.

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