VaxALPR Red Light

Detection of vehicles ignoring red lights

VaxALPR Red Light is a system for detecting and recording vehicles which ignore red traffic lights. It provides conclusive evidence for penalties: colored frames of the complete violation sequence and automatic recognition of the registration number.


The status of the traffic light is detected by artificial vision, so it is not necessary to incorporate any field element.

How it works…

In order to monitor a one-lane vehicles intersection, two calibrated and synchronized cameras are used: the ALPR camera, and the environment camera to detect the traffic-light status.


The latter will be also used to generate the pictures required to prove a traffic violation by obtaining photos of the offending vehicle  before, during and after its passage through the red light.

Offense records management

VaxALPR RedLight will generate the evidence of offenses in the PC computer placed on the street near the traffic light. From there, we offer the following product options for the management of those records:

  • No validation server: The client is responsible for establishing the manual or automatic policy to extract and upload the records from the local PC.
  • Basic server, the evidences collector: Vaxtor provides our client with a basic server to be installed in the data center. This computer will synchronize with VaxALPR red-light deployments on the streets to perform daily extraction/upload of the evidence (automatic and configurable procedure)
  • Advanced server, exploitation of evidences: Vaxtor provides a complete management solution for the handling of evidence from a Web browser-based application.

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