VaxOCR Containers

OCR for Container Code Recognition


Software for automatic container code recognition following the codes laid down by the International Standard ISO 6346. The OCR Engine for container recognition codes is 100% proprietary and can be plugged into VaxALPR User Interfaces taking the advantage of current integration and publishing capabilities offered by VaxALPR series products.


VaxOCR Container Code Recognition software is avaiable in 2 platforms:

  • Embedded in AXIS camera processor
  • PC platform


    •  OCR engine fast, accurate and easy to use
    •  Recognition of cargo containers ISO 6346 codes
    •  Work from both video stream and still images
    •  Running in standard PC with no extra hardware or embedded within AXIS camera processors
    •  PC version compatible with major camera brands (Axis, Pelco, Basler…)


    •  Container code in ASCII format
    •  Position of the code in the original image
    •  Sub-image extraction of the container code alone
    •  Extra information…

Application examples:

    •  Airports and harbor logistic
    •  Container surveillance and inventory
    •  Border control

Installation and Deploymet


VaxOCR Container software can be deployed near the same was as VaxALPR products. What it changes are the scenario configuration and camera quality requirements. We provide full remote assistance and personal attention to all clients in this type of product.

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