15 December 2020

ALPR Access Control / Parking – DAS Belgium retail site – EMEA

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Based in Belgium, DAS are a manufacturer of access and revenue control products across a very broad spectrum of industry sectors including retail, hotels, apartment buildings and offices, car washes, shared revenue parking sites and many more. They manufacture barcode ticket reader columns, barcode printer columns and payment columns. DAS applies an indirect sales model all over Europe and therefore needs to offer extremely low-maintenance Plug & Play products. They use our ALPR access control software to effectively manage people using their car park.

The Challenge

A supermarket located in a crowded area. Solving the problem of unwanted users due to lack of parking space in the neighbourhood.

As the barrier is installed very close to the street and at some times of the day vehicle queues can arise due to large numbers of cars that must be processed, the ALPR access control system must be able to combine controlled access with a high flow rate of entering and exiting cars.

To provide an access control system that effectively manages temporary users without deterring client customers.

Guarantee the shortest possible installation and commissioning times with minimal disruption and dependence on local IT network.

The Solution

DAS conducted the in-house development and integration work to enable all their system equipment and back office to work in line with Vaxtor ALPR access control software.

They mounted Axis IP Dome cameras with Vaxtor embedded software in their aluminium columns of only 60cm height, installed immediately behind the automatic barriers.

They connected the IP-camera’s and DAS-controllers to a 4G modem.

The Result

Installation and commissioning were obtained in record time meaning less interruption and inconvenience on behalf of the end user and their shoppers.

Thanks to the unique positioning of a high-quality IP camera and high-performance Vaxtor ALPR access control software, the automatic barrier already starts its opening cycle as the car approaches, which is experienced as very pleasant, comfortable and non-restrictive by both shoppers and staff members.

People now leave the car park by default on ANPR and use their barcode ticket as a redundant solution.