Vaxtor Solutions

Vaxtor develops high performance Optical Character Recognition products and solutions, with a focus on License Plate Recognition in any scenario from any platform.

Our in-house developed products are in continuous evolution, tried and tested OCR and LPR specific solutions for any segment of the market including Parking, Law Enforcement, Traffic and Tolling, Security, Access Control, Logistics and Smart Cities, as well as special applications for embedded systems.

VaxALPR – Automatic License Plate Recognition

Vaxtor’s advanced ALPR product line, real-time advanced OCR engine available embedded on camera, PC/Server or Android.

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Vaxtor’s advanced OCR engine, providing real-time recognition of ISO Container Codes, UIC Rail Codes, USDOT and Aircraft Tailfin Codes.

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Back Office

3rd party integrations and Helix (Vaxtor Back Office) can be utilised to expand the impressive range of features within the core OCR engine.

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Additional analytic capabilities, including Make, Model & Colour (MMC) recognition, vehicle classification, ADR plate recognition, Red Light Enforcement and Instantaneous Speed detection.

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Technology Partners


VaxOCR Genesis – the new generic OCR reader from Vaxtor

The Vaxtor OCR engine has been developed and wrVaxOCR Genesis is a high-performance generic OCR reader developed by Vaxtor Technologies to read any combination of uppercase Latin characters and/or numbers arranged in up to three lines. Applications incude:

  • ID cards & Passports
  • Stock labels
  • Delivery & Shipping labels
  • Tickets & receipts
VaxOCR Genesis OCR technology


11 March 2021

Vaxtor acquires deep-learning start-up Spectrico

Vaxtor Recognition Technologies is delighted to announce the acquisition of the deep learning start-up company […]


14 May 2024

Vaxtor Technologies Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with National Persistent Evader Database

Vaxtor Technologies is delighted to announce its official status as the Official Supplier of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to the National Persistent Evader Database (NPED), registration number 0012. This collaboration is set to enhance public safety and efficiency in vehicle compliance across the UK. By integrating Vaxtor’s cutting-edge ANPR and MMC technologies into NPED’s centralised database, the partnership aims to transform public space management and support local and national road policing efforts more effectively.


Vaxtor Technology across Industry Sectors:

Law Enforcement License Plate Recognition

Enabling police and other law enforcement and border agencies to track, monitor and record vehicles as they pass by fixed, mobile or covert cameras.

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Ensuring efficient management and control of car parks including staff and visitor entry, barrier control, capacity monitoring, length of stay and alerts on vehicles of interest.

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Traffic & Tolling

Providing vital tools to assist countries and cities to dynamically monitor, control and optimise traffic flow, maximising the efficient use of road networks.

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Security – ALPR Cameras

Enabling Security personnel to monitor and control all vehicles within and around a site, managing blacklists and alerting staff to any vehicles of interest.

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Access Control

Using ALPR provides reliable, time-stamped evidence to security, police and insurers while maintaining seamless access control opening barriers or controlling LED Signs.

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Transportation Logistics

Automate and optimise all aspects of the logistics chain by tracking and monitoring all vehicles, containers and dangerous goods within and between sites.

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Smart City ALPR

Detect, track and monitor vehicles, containers, and dangerous goods (ADR) within a city, providing valuable insights and data visualisation dashboards.

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