Collaboration to Deliver

Vaxtor and Network Optix have joined forces to develop cutting-edge solutions in surveillance and analytics. Explore our collaborative efforts and learn how businesses worldwide benefit from our integrated solutions.

Our partnership with Network Optix has led to the creation of seamless integrations that empower businesses to enhance security and operational efficiency. Explore our joint efforts:

VaxALPR & NX Integration

Dive into the details of the seamless integration of VaxALPR with Network Optix’s video management system (VMS). Read more.

NX Integration Case Study

Explore real-world scenarios and success stories of integrating VaxALPR with Network Optix’s VMS. Learn more.

VaxOCR Container & NX Integration

Discover how VaxOCR Container’s ID recognition capabilities integrate seamlessly with Network Optix’s platform. Read here.

VaxOCR Container & NX Integration Case Study

Explore practical applications and success stories of integrating VaxOCR Container’s ID recognition features with Network Optix’s solutions. Get inspired.

Through our collaboration, Vaxtor and Network Optix aim to provide businesses with innovative solutions that meet their surveillance and analytics needs effectively. Find out more in our Knowledge Base.