Vaxtor i-PRO Camera Integration

Vaxtor i-PRO Camera Integration – Advanced AI Surveillance Solutions.

Vaxtor’s advanced recognition technologies, now including VaxALPR, VaxContainer and VaxGenesis, are seamlessly integrated with i-PRO’s AI-enabled cameras. These solutions leverage the power of AI to deliver unparalleled performance, rivaling high-end PC architectures.
The embedded applications on i-PRO cameras offer edge analytics, ensuring accurate recognition and efficient operation across all network environments, including 4G. This system is ideal for diverse applications from city surveillance to intelligent transportation, providing high recognition rates and generating valuable metadata.
Easy integration with i-PRO Video Insight and Active Guard VMSs enables streamlined deployment and operation. With a focus on scalability and adaptability, our solutions offer simple per-camera licensing, with no minimum camera count, making them suitable for a wide range of surveillance needs.

For information on how to configure Vaxtor in i-PRO please refer to the Knowledge Base. To download the Vaxtor apps for i-PRO, please go to the Partner Zone.

Features of Vaxtor i-PRO Camera Integration

  • High Accuracy

    Leveraging AI, our solutions like VaxALPR ensure above 98% recognition rates, ideal for various environments.

  • Edge Analytics

    Embedded applications provide efficient operation across all networks, including 4G, with on-camera solutions generating essential metadata.

  • Versatile Applications

    Suitable for city surveillance, parking, logistics, and ITS, these solutions cater to a broad range of industry needs.

  • Easy Integration

    Seamless compatibility with i-PRO's Active Guard and Video Insight for straightforward deployment and operation.

  • Scalable Licensing

    Flexible per-camera licensing with no minimum camera count, accommodating different scales of operations.