25 February 2021

Vaxtor Announces Mobotix Partnership To Become Global

Vaxtor is pleased to announce its recent global partnership with Mobotix, which includes apps developed for the Mobotix 7 platform (M73 and S74 cameras).  

Mobotix Certified Apps are professionally developed solutions from leading technology companies that are explicitly verified and certified by Mobotix to meet the highest cyber security requirements. These apps are all fully integrated and pre-installed on the Mobotix M73 and S74 and can be trialled free of charge for 30 days. 

This includes Vaxtor’s:

  • On-camera License Plate Recognition with options for:ADR plate recognition (dangerous goods)
  • Make Model Color
  • Vehicle Classification

And now also announcing Vaxtor’s:

  • On-camera ISO Container Code Recognition

Many more exciting apps are planned in the coming months and it has been a great collaboration between the Technical, Product Management and Commercial teams from both companies.

Please contact your local Mobotix office/partner (or Vaxtor) for more information, pricing, demos etc.