License Plate Recognition Software supporting any camera

The highly advanced and mature Vaxtor ALPR engine in available on PCs running Windows or Linux and can be connected to multiple cameras using standard protocols such as ONVIF / RTSP or GigE. The ALPR engine recognizes license plates in real time on fast-moving traffic across several lanes simultaneously.  

Vaxtor’s engine has been specifically designed to utilise existing CCTV or machine vision cameras deployed in the real-world enabling any installer to provide an ALPR system with ease. Supporting nearly 200 countries and recognising Latin, Arabic and Thai character sets, the Vaxtor engine performs at the very highest level of accuracy whilst minimising system hardware requirements.

The engine supports multiple reporting options simultaneously and can be upgraded to perform high accuracy MMC (Make, Model and Colour identification) and VClass (Vehicle type classification) in real time. 

Features & Benefits

  • High Accuracy:

    Recognition rate above 99.6% in independent trials

  • High Speed Operation:

    Up to 250kph

  • Wide or Multi-Lane:

    Each connected camera can monitor traffic in single, wide or dual lanes

  • Complex Scenario Support:

    Directional filtering, Multiple regions of interest and direct I/O support enable filtering and actions using polygons with inclusions or exclusions and direction.

  • Plugins:

    Expandable, modular options allow the system to grow with you and your customer including ADR (dangerous goods), iSpeed, MMC (Make, Model & Colour) and VClass (types of vehicles).

Results in real time

Camera includes:

  • Supports standard video protocols eg RTSP
  • Predefined protocols for popular CCTV cameras

Data reported includes:

  • License plate, date & time, etc.
  • Country, State, Type of plate
  • Direction of travel, Region of Interest ID, etc.
  • Full and Sub-image of the plate (plate patch)
  • Position of the plate within the original image

Reporting options:

  • Helix/Vaxtor protocol
  • Milestone / Genetec Analytics Events
  • VAPIX / ONVIF protocol
  • XML or JSON object through HTTP/HTTPS
  • UTMC and many others…

Vehicle based, multi-camera high speed processing

Providing the capability to search, audit and monitor all vehicles in a large area at high speed is important not just for Police but also for security teams and parking enforcement.

Vaxtor’s ALPR capability is able to manage all scenarios from static enforcement cameras to high speed vehicle platforms. Capturing additional GPS and other meta-data and sychronising over cellular ensures on-board watchlists are current and available during communication outages.

Global leading software enabling

Accuracy 0%
Speed 0kph
Up to 0 cameras on a single PC
Over 0 lanes deployed

VaxALPR on PC applications include:

Access Control, Logistics, Parking and Law Enforcement

Access Control

Using ALPR provides reliable, time-stamped evidence to security, police and insurers while maintaining seamless access control opening barriers or controlling LED Signs.

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Transportation Logistics

Automate and optimise all aspects of the logistics chain by tracking and monitoring all vehicles, containers and dangerous goods within and between sites.

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Ensuring efficient management and control of car parks including staff and visitor entry, barrier control, capacity monitoring, length of stay and alerts on vehicles of interest.

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Law Enforcement License Plate Recognition

Enabling police and other law enforcement and border agencies to track, monitor and record vehicles as they pass by fixed, mobile or covert cameras.

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