“Vaxtor helped set up a demonstration Axis ALPR camera running VaxALPR at one of our local car parks which started reporting plates at very high accuracy almost immediately”.

Project Spokesperson

“The Vaxtor Smart City solution avoided the expensive closure of airport roads to install ground-loops by utilizing cameras to optically detect changes in the status of the traffic lights, thus avoiding any physical connection with any critical traffic infrastructure and minimise any operational risk”

Maldives Project Spokesperson

“Vaxtor’s solution has allowed us to retain some of our existing LPR cameras and add new edge-based Axis cameras as we expand the system to cover the whole campus.”

University Administration Spokesperson

“Great teamwork and support – we know this was a special situation, but we really appreciate your hard work to find the solution so quickly.”

EU Parking Company Spokesperson

“Installation and commissioning were executed in record time meaning less interruption and inconvenience for both our staff and our shoppers”.

Senior Parking Consultant

“We know from experience that LPR with Arabic plates is not easy, so we were impressed with the accuracy of the Vaxtor software. Support and training were also great and this gave us the confidence to move forward with the other Vaxtor offers”.

MEA Client