11 June 2021

Security – Streamlining Factory Operations – Asia

Vaxtor Building Security - ALPR Cameras

Optimised Rapid Vehicle Screening with Advanced LPR Technology

Over 0 motorcycles during peak times
Investigation time decreases by 0%
Searchable Meta-data 0 days
Vehicle security checks 0%
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Taiwan’s leading footwear company and the world’s largest branded athletic and casual footwear maker, this Vietnamese shoe manufacturer makes nine of the top ten sports shoe brands in the world, including Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, New Balance, and Reebok.

At peak hours of operation the factory experiences an explosion of traffic with over 2000 motorcycles entering or leaving the shoe factory – all of which need to be cleared by security!

The Challenge

As part of ongoing efforts to keep the factory running efficiently and securely management sought out a technology platform that would help them mitigate motorcycle traffic while simultaneously increasing security clearance efficiency and reducing loss including automatically:

  • Matching employees and their motorcycle to reduce theft
  • Tagging IP video with accurate meta-data to facilitate rapid investigations
  • Optimise access to legitimate employees while increasing security and lowering access waiting times

The Solution

  1. Vaxtor’s LPR recognition engine constantly monitors the approach cameras for all License Plates.
  2. VaxALPR captures the license plate and provides it as a second factor authentication for the Access Control system, with the employee ID card being the primary.
  3. The LPR read is utilised to generate an event in Nx Witness VMS.
  4. The system uses the Nx Witness Rules engine to automatically create a bookmark for every license plate identified at the factory entrance and exit points.
  5. Exit rules matching the motorcycle license plate and the employee access card prevents motorcycle theft.
  6. Nx Witness Rules display specific motorcycles at both the entrance and exit gates for comparison reference, preventing motorcycle theft cases involving license plate swapping.
  7. If a Factory operator needs to find a motorcycle or investigate a possible theft, they simply open Nx Witness VMS and search archived video for a particular license plate or employee ID. Nx Witness VMS captures and stores metadata from Vaxtor’s analytics engine and operators can search an entire year of archived video in seconds using associated metadata (tags, bookmarks, etc). 

The Result

Another simple and straightforward solution utilising NX Witness VMS, powered by Vaxtor’s advance analytics and addressing the existing issues whilst providing an upgradable system with the flexibility to continually improve operations. The system automates and optimises staff access flow while resolving key issues.

Streamlining Factory Operations while Increasing Security

Vaxtor and Network Optix partnered together to address the challenges raised by the factory’s team and developed a solution that gave factory operators the ability to increase security, decrease waiting times and resolve key customer issues.